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All packages include posting on all of your social media platforms. You are not tied to a specific contract; you can change your package month to month.

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How will you know if you’re getting the best results from your social media?

At the end of every month, you should expect to see a Marketing Feedback report tracking your social media’s insights and analytics. You may want me to focus on something in particular, but the most important things to look at are:

Why is it so important to look at your analytics?

It helps you understand your target audience

Analysing success on a post can help you find out when the best time to share for your audience is. Timing is key! If you post when your audience are most active on their social media, you will increase engagement, traffic and hopefully sales.

It shows you what social media platforms work well for you

Billions of users around the world use social media but you need to know what platform is the most popular for your audience – you need to use your analytics to figure out what platform is driving the highest engagement for you.

Is what your posting really what people want to see

What you might think is thrilling content, might not be what your audience wants. Tracking your posts performance data can give you a better idea of what works and doesn’t.